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GUR050 1920's Gangster Tommy gun set. Chicago Typewriter and 45 pistol

1920's Gangster Tommy gun set. Chicago Typewriter and 45 pistol

Mobster gun set from the American Gangster era of the 1920's and 1930's when prohibition was the law. The mob was heavily armed with the latest weapons like the M1928 Thompson tommy gun which with its drum magazine was often called the "Chicago Typewriter" and  the M1911 Colt 45 Automatic pistol.

We have put these two iconic guns (Thompson machine gun and Colt 45) together for sale in a pack, ideal to buy for your next "Bugsy Malone" production. So if you are planning on a new 1930's Gangster film, play, theatre production, murder mystery play or re-enactment get a set of these realistic looking guns for the correct look. 

These are full size metal replica guns with moving working action (they do not fire anything) magazines can be removed and they can be cocked.

Bring a bit more realism to a themed roaring 20's event or Gangster play look like the Hollywood films. Whether you are playing one of the Mafia hitmen or one of the good guys like Federal Agent Eliot Ness one of the Untouchables these give the perfect look of what people expect to see.

The American roaring twenties will be forever known for the Mafia, Al Capone, prohibition, corrupt police officers and violence. The Gangster or Mobster are remembered for wearing fancy smart suits, the classic cars and of course the "Thompson machine gun fitted with a drum magazine and a front pistol grip it not only looks powerful and intimidating it was also gave out a devastating amount of firepower. The Gangster Tommy gun has a lot of nick names which include "The Chopper", Chicago Organ Grinder", Chicago Style", Chicago Piano" Chicago Typewriter", Trench Sweeper", "Trench Broom" and the "Tommy Gun". The Thompson 1928 was sometimes carried in the classic violin case and was used in various fights including the "Valentines Massacre".

While the Tommy Gun was intimidating when carried in the open, the Colt 45 pistol was carried discreetly in a belt holster or shoulder holster the big 45 round was more devastating than the 38 calibre rounds in the revolvers and the quick reloading of the magazine gave the user the edge. Carried by both mobsters and police.

These classic 1920 and 1930 weapons of the Prohibition can be seen in almost every mafia gangster movie film including:

Road to Perdition (Tom Hanks),  The Untouchable's (Kevin Costner), The Godfather, Bonnie and Clyde, Machine gun Kelly, Boardwalk empire.

The Gangster gun set includes:

  • 1 x 1928 Thompson Machine gun in Gangster set up so it has the front pistol grip and 50 round drum mag.
  • 1x 1911 Colt 45 automatic pistol. 

Please note these two replica guns are classed as realistic looking replicas so under UK law we can only sell them to Theatre productions, plays, TV companies and re-enactment groups. We will need ID or proof before we can send the order, if it is for a production we will require a company letter or some other proof that they will be used for theatrical use. 

£174.98 Exc VAT

In order to buy this product you must be a member of a Re-enactment/military vehicle group or one of the other organisations listed below and you must confirm that you have read the information below. We can only ship this item to a UK address and we must obtain proof that you are eligible to purchase it before we can ship it.


Pack Contains:

Denix Replica Thompson M1928 with Drum Mag


GUR033   £124.99 Exc VAT

M1911 Colt 45 Pistol with Black Grips. Denix Replica


GUR004   £58.33 Exc VAT