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BE909 1937 British webbing Medics Bag

1937 British webbing Medics Bag
1937 British webbing Medics Bag 1937 British webbing Medics Bag

British Medics Bag was used by Army Medics in the front line and were the first to treat the soldiers before they could be sent back to an aid post behind the front line. 

The medics bag would have been used to carry first aid dressing, bandage's, iodine and basic medical tools.( bag is empty)

  • Painted  with red cross marking on the front 
  • Attached adjustable  shoulder strap.
  • Size 13 x 9 inches

Part of our range of quality 1937 webbing made by Kay Canvas. The Kay Canvas webbing closely matches to an original set of webbing which was issued during WW2. To ensure a high standard of accuracy it was colour matched to an original set of 1937 webbing. The Kay Canvas webbing is a tight weave like the original and is still made on an old BIC factory machine that has been loveingly kept alive after 100 Years. The brass fittings on Kay Canvas webbing sets are die stamped and the press studs have the same pattern as an original WW2.

£29.17 Exc VAT