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FOD022 24 hour army complete ration packs x 3

24 hour army complete ration packs x 3

Special offer of 3 complete 24 hr ration packs

Yo will receive a section of 3 different menus,

 The  Army are issued some of the best rations in the world and this is the first time we have been able to offer the ready to eat meals for sale. We have a limited stock as this is a one time offer.

The main meal is contained in a foil pouch which can be boiled in your mess tin, the top of the ration packet is then torn off and eaten straight from the packet so no dirty mess tins! Ration are pre-cooked so can be eaten hot or cold and the water you boil the ration in can be used to make a hot drink.

Each ration is enough food for 24 hours. It contains meals, snacks and drinks. There are a number of menus and you will receive one random menu, sorry no choice.

Each ration pack contains items along the lines of:

  • Breakfast pouch
  • Main meal and dessert
  • Snacks inc, biscuits, dried fruit, bars, sweets etc
  • Fruit flavoured drinks, chocolate drink
  • Brew pack: Tea, coffee, sugar, whitener,
  • Spork, Puritabs, gum, wipes, tissues, 

These rations are made for the only MOD contractor Vestey foods ltd.

Best before dates vary but most are mid to late 2018

WAS £44.97 £29.99