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The UKARA organisation

We are a registered retailer with UKARA and as such the easiest way for to purchase an Airsoft weapons is to supply your UKARA player ID when purchasing. We will verify the player ID on the UKARA database and if it is correct we will despatch your order. The delivery address must match your address registered with the UKARA database.

UKARA is an association of UK Airsoft Retailers brought together to protect themselves from prosecution and enable a safe method of selling Realistic Imitation Firearms (RiFs) to the largest of the permitted purchaser groups in the UK, Airsoft Players.

UKARA's interest was to provide such a system and make it free to sites and players, and as inclusive as possible for the future of their market, without which they would not exist.

This has benefited all players and game sites, as it has produced a framework acceptable to the Government to allow Airsoft as a sport to remain viable.

The UKARA database keeps a record of all participating Airsoft players and game sites, and is used by retailers and the UKBA for verification of sales and imports.


More information on UKARA can be found at We have no control over the external link.


UKARA Player Registration

We can add your player registration to the UKARA database for you. You will need to have downloaded the relevant form and have appropriately filled it out (details can be found on the UKARA site). Visit us in store and we will add you to the database.