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What are the types of Airsoft guns?

There are three types of Airsoft guns. They are;

  • Spring cocking
  • Gas operated
  • Electric operated


What does each type mean?

Spring cocking:

A spring is compressed by a cocking action performed by the user, when the trigger is pulled the spring is released propelling the BB out of the gun. Each shot requires the gun to be cocked by hand. These are the most basic Airsoft gun type.

Gas operated:

A gas operated gun uses a store of gas normally in the magazine to propel a BB down the barrel. Some guns require an initial cocking but after that the gun will fire each time the trigger is pulled until the magazine is empty. Depending on the weapon they can fire semi or fully automatic. Guns can either have gas canisters which insert into the magazine or a refillable container.

Some gas weapons utilise this energy to move other parts of the weapon when fired. This is known as Gas Blow Back and adds to the realism of the firing actions.

Electric operated:

This is the most common type and is known as AEG (automatic electric gun). A motor is used to drive a piston which compress air which is released when the trigger is pulled propelling the BB down the barrel. A rechargeable battery is used to drive the motor. AEG weapons are capable of firing semi or fully automatic.