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Caring for and maintaining your Airsoft gun

The first thing to remember is IT IS NOT A REAL GUN. It won't take kindly to being dropped on hard surfaces or smacked into door and window frames or trees during an enthusiastic  game.

Now on to the real maintenance.

Read the operating instruction that came with your gun and follow them.


1. Out of the box

If you have purchased a new gun it may require an amount of 'bedding in'. Clean the inside of the barrel to remove and grease and dust or dirt which has accumulated during manufacture and transportation. After you have fired a few full mags worth of BB's clean it again as grease may have worked through from the gearbox and hop up unit. The hop up unit may require further adjustment to get the BB to fly as level as possible, consult your instruction manual.


2. Cleaning the gun.

After heavy use or every few thousand BB's clean the inside of the barrel and ensure the mag receiver is clean. Always keep debris out of the gun. After you have cleaned the gun you need to lubricate it.


3. Lubrication

Lightly lube the inside of the barrel and apply lube to the hop up unit. Be spearing as too much will attract dust and dirt. Only use a quality airsoft silicon lubricant. DO NOT use WD-40 or other oil based lubricants.


4. Use quality BB's

Good quality BB's are a must. They are manufactured to tight tolerances to give the best possible shooting results in terms of accuracy and distance, which are repeatable. To ensure you are buying quality BB's stick to known brands.


5. Avoid long full auto firing.

Avoid empting a magazine in one go no matter how tempting! Use short bursts to achieve best accuracy and prolong the life of your gun.