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Airsoft Battery Information, Shapes & Connectors

1. Battery Voltage

The first step is selecting a battery voltage. The airsoft gun you own or are buying will have an operating voltage stipulated by the manufacturer. Sometimes a manufacturer will give a range of voltages to use. The higher the voltage the faster the gun will shoot but this increases the wear on the gun's moving parts so a trade off has to be made.


2. Battery Power

The second step in selecting a battery is deciding what power rating you want. The power of a battery is given in mA.h (milliamp hours) and is usually found on the battery pack. This information is used to determine what current draw in milliamps (mA) from the battery will drain it in an hour (h). With this information we can roughly determine how many hours a battery will last at a specific current draw.

The larger the mAh number the more shots you can make before the battery drains. The general rule of thumb is 2 shots per mAh. So a 1200mAh should give you around 2400 shots. Another consideration is the larger the mAh number the longer it will take to charge the battery.


3. Battery shape

The third step and probably the most important step. Your Airsoft gun will have a specific location for the battery. This may be in the stock, the fore grip or in the pistol grip. Depending on which gun you have you may need a specific battery type.

The different types you can buy are pictured below.

Battery Shape Large Battery Shape Nunchuk/Crane Battery Shape Stick

Large Battery



Consists of cells next to each other sometimes with one at the bottom. Two separate columns connected at the top by a wire. One single column of cells.


  • Butt Stock
  • Fore grip


  • Crane Stock
  • Butt Stocks
  • Fore grip


  • Generally fits a specific gun. E.g. Sten MKII



Battery Connector Types

Now you know the battery voltage, power and type the forth step is knowing the different battery connectors that are available. You need to be able to connect the battery to your airsoft gun when you get it home. The battery will connect to your gun and to your charger via the connector, get the wrong one and you could be wasting valuable shooting time! Adaptors are available to connect one type to another so as you build your collection you don't have to become a battery shop!

What do you need?

1. Find the connector type of your Airsoft gun.

2. Select a battery with an appropriate connector. and

3. Select a charger which is able to connect to your battery.

Battery Type Tamiya Battery Type Mini Tamiya Battery Type Deans T

Tamiya connector

Mini Tamiya Connector

Deans or T Connector


Now you have all the information to select the correct accessories for your new airsfot gun. Happy gaming.