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BE456 ATS Brown Leather Gaiters

ATS Brown Leather Gaiters
ATS Brown Leather Gaiters

Brown leather gaiters to finish of your WW2 British ATS uniform.

The A.T.S. (Auxiliary Territorial Service) leather gaiters are a unique item worn by the ATS in WW2. 

Features lace up sides and a single buckle.

The sizes of the gaiters are measured by the smallest the buckle will tighten up and the largest size it will go with the leather still meeting (so they are no gaps in the gaiter). When measuring your ankles please remember to allow some extra size in case you are wearing them over trousers etc.



  • Size 1 29cm - 31 cm
  • Size 3  31cm to 33cm 
  • Size 4. 34cm to 36cm.
  • Size 5. 38cm to 40cm.
  • Size 6. 40cm to 43cm.

Sizes 4 is our standard size and fits the average ankles,

£29.16 Exc VAT