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RUM624 Condor Legion Wound Badge Silver by RUM

Condor Legion Wound Badge Silver by RUM
Condor Legion Wound Badge Silver by RUM Condor Legion Wound Badge Silver by RUM

Condor Legion wound badge in Silver or the Spanish Wound Badge was awarded for wounds received while fighting in the 1936 to 1939 Spanish War of Liberation.

The German Condor Legion fought in Spain in the Spanish Civil war on the side of Franco, the German volunteers returned to Germany at the end of the conflict in 1939.

Germany did not have a current wound badge at the time of the Spanish Civil War so in 1939 they used the WW1 wound badge die and added to the design a swastika to the WW1 helmet. The Spanish wound badge was established on the 22nd May 1939 and was issued as "a recognition badge to German Volunteers who had received wounds on action in the fight against Bolshevism during the 1936 -1939 Spanish War of Liberation.

This replica Spanish Wound badge has a hollow back and a flat pin bar on the back. The front has an Imperial WW1 helmet with a swastika on the side of the helmet which is placed over a set of crossed swords. There was only one style of wound badge awarded for the Spanish Civil War so all branches of services were awarded the same wound badge (so this badge was given to the Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe and Heer units).

The wound badge was made in 3 grades Black, Silver and Gold. It was possible that if you were awarded the Black Spanish Wound badge for wounds in Spain and you later received further wounds later in WW2 you could have been awarded the Silver grade in the Spanish Wound badge rather than the standard wound badge.

  • Black (3rd class, representing Iron), for those wounded once or twice by hostile action (including air raids), or frostbitten in the line of duty.
  • Silver (2nd class) for being wounded three or four times, or suffering loss of a hand, foot or eye from hostile action (also partial loss of hearing), facial disfigurement or brain damage via hostile action.
  • Gold (1st class, which could be awarded posthumously) for five or more times wounded, total blindness, "loss of manhood", or severe brain damage via hostile action.

This Condor Legion or Spanish Wound Badge in Silver is part of the Richard Underwood Militaria range of German replicas.

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