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TG1086 German Gamaschen Gaiters mid to late war by FAB

German Gamaschen Gaiters mid to late war by FAB

German WW2 Gamaschen gaiters by Fabric Adler Berg  

The Gamaschen were issued to be worn with the short ankle boots and worn by both SS and Army these are mid to late war issue without the lover leather trim but do have the 2 inner leather reinforced patches

  • Good quality replica
  • Fexible double layered cotton canvas
  • Black leather straps.
  • field green colour
  • Inner leather patches
  • One size fits most boots from 7 to 11

Fabrik Adler Berg  (FAB) manufacture  a range of clothing and equipment for the German WW2 re-enactor which will see the user through many years of service on and off the re-enactment battlefield.

The design and manufacture of FAB clothing and equipment was based on original items giving the wearer an accurate portrayal of the era at a great value for money price point.

£11.66 Exc VAT