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GUR068 M3 Grease Gun Replica by Denix

M3 Grease Gun Replica by Denix
M3 Grease Gun Replica by Denix M3 Grease Gun Replica by Denix M3 Grease Gun Replica by Denix M3 Grease Gun Replica by Denix

American WW2 (Grease Gun) M3 sub machine gun replica by Denix.

This full size all metal replica of the M3 sub machine guns can be cocked and it dry fires.

The M3 was adopted on 24th December 1942, it was designed to replace the M1 Thompson which took a long time to manufacture and was expensive. The US Army needed a sub machine gun that was quicker and cheaper to make than the M1 Thompson. 

After studying the British Sten gun, George Hyde designed the M3 Sub machine gun which could be made for less than $20. (in 1942) it was made from steel and was lighter and more compact than the M1 Thompson.

This is a replica of the first model M3 sun machine gun which has the cocking handle on the side (the later M3A1 model removed the side cocking handle) and was commonly called the "Grease Gun" due to its similarities to a grease gun.

The Denix made replica of the M3 Sub Machine Gun, "Grease Gun" features:

  • Full size.
  • All metal.
  • Side cocking handle fully moves and cocks the bolt.
  • Top cover moves so it can be closed and opened, this acts as a safety catch.
  • Skeleton metal stock is removable and it can opened into two positions.
  • Working magazine catch release.
  • Magazine is removable (magazine is hollow so it cannot hold any rounds).
  • Two sling attachment points (uses the carbine sling) sling not included.
  • Can be cocked with the cocking handle and dry fired by pulling the trigger.


  • Length with out stock attached 50cm.
  • Length with stock attached in closed position 57cm.
  • Length with stock fully extended 74cm.

Weight of replica with magazine 3.2 Kg.
£108.33 Exc VAT

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