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AR068 Mini Belt Platform by Viper Green

Mini Belt Platform by Viper Green
Mini Belt Platform by Viper Green Mini Belt Platform by Viper Green Mini Belt Platform by Viper Green Mini Belt Platform by Viper Green

Excellent piece of kit to keep your belt pouches in place.

This mini belt platform slides onto a trouser belt (belt loops are 5 cm wide) so you have a MOLLE compatible platform on your trouser belt so you can no attache your MOLLE torch pouch, knife pouch, compass pouch, magazine pouch or admin pouch onto your trouser belt. 

Yes you can slide any MOLLE pouch straight onto a trouser belt but they usually bounce around as only the top of the pouch i is connected to the belt and they slide around on the belt.

The back of the mini platform has a series of belt loops so you can slide your belt in and out of the loops this allows you to weave the belt and platform into the belt loops on the trousers, so preventing the panel from sliding around.

The mini platform has three rows of laser cut PALS or MOLLE compatible loops and is 8.5 cm high and has hook and loop tabs at each end.

The Mini belt platform features:

  • Fits onto trousers belts to give better carrying options.
  • Compatible with PALS/MOLLE fitting pouches.
  • Low profile, there is no padding in the platform so it is discreet and not bulky.
  • 9 laser cut belt loops on the back, so you can weave the platform in and around the belt loops on your trousers.
  • Platform is 8.5 cm high and 23 cm wide with 6 columns and up to 3 rows of laser cut PALS/MOLLE loops.
  • Ideal to fit your torch pouch, tool pouch, magazine pouch, pistol holster or admin pouch.

One Size
£7.92 Exc VAT