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COK138 MK2 Highlander Blade Fast Boil MK2 Stove and 1.1L Mug

MK2 Highlander Blade Fast Boil MK2 Stove and 1.1L Mug
MK2 Highlander Blade Fast Boil MK2 Stove and 1.1L Mug MK2 Highlander Blade Fast Boil MK2 Stove and 1.1L Mug MK2 Highlander Blade Fast Boil MK2 Stove and 1.1L Mug MK2 Highlander Blade Fast Boil MK2 Stove and 1.1L Mug

Highlander have tweaked the design of their popular Blade Fast Boil to bring the Fast Boil MK2. The Highlander Blade Fast Boil MK2 with heat transmitter allows quick effortless boiling of water in minutes. With the Blade Fast Boil stove you boil over a litre of water in under 3 minutes!

The set comprises a hard anodised aluminium cooking mug which will hold 1.1 Litre of fluid. It has fold out handles and comes with two neoprene stay warm covers to protect you and keep the contents warm, one in HMTC camo and the other black. A plastic see through lid which fits onto the top of the mug to prevent debris entering and still allowing you to see inside, there are vent holes in the lid to allow steam to escape or to use it as a strainer, there is also a sip hole to drink from.

The cooking unit which fixes to the bottom of the mug, it has a piezo igniter and is naturally protected from wind by the heat transmitter on the mug. The gas valve knob folds out giving easy control when needed and tucks away for storage. There is also a gas can stabiliser included.

The Blade Fast Boil works with all popular brands of gas canister with a small screw fixing GAS NOT INCLUDED. When not in use the cooking unit fits inside of the mug with the gas attached.


  • New perfect pot size to hold all necessary contents inc, cooker, gas and stabiliser
  • Perfect stove-to-mug size to optimize fit and elimate contents rattling
  • New TPE lid for secure fit, has strainer/vent holes and drink-through hole
  • Stabiliser included for easy use on all terrrains
  • Hard anodised aluminium construction
  • Packed size: 12x12x17 cm
  • Heat transmitter for increased heat efficiency and wind protection
  • Durable lightweight food grade construction
  • Stay warm/cool body sleeve - Black & Camo options included
  • Butterfly design silicone covered handles
  • Carry Bag
  • Piezo ignitor
  • Model Code: CP219

The overall height of the mug has increased but the diameter has remained the same. size packed: Diameter 12cm, height 17cm.
£49.99 Exc VAT

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