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The United States Army Air Force in WW2 wore and used standard Army clothing and equipment as well as some special uniforms and flight equipment. The U.S.A.A.F. had air bases around the UK where they helped protect the UK from German bombers and attack the German military machine including hazardous bombing missions to destroy factories deep in enemy held territory. The USAAF has been the centre of many Hollywood films including "Memphis Belle", there is also a new HBO mini series being talked about. We have for sale clothing and uniforms like officer Pinks and chocolate A class tunics, OD 51 shirts, leather flight gloves, A2 leather flying jackets and equipment like navigation kit folders and patches of the 8th Air Force and 9th Air Force.

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USAAF Pilots Wings Bracelet 22cm

USAAF Pilots Wings Bracelet 22cm


AB352B £12.50 Exc VAT
US Officers Garrison Cap Pinks

US Officers Garrison Cap Pinks


AL198 £20.83 Exc VAT
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