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                                     US American World War Two Identification Dog Tags


American soldiers who served during World War Two were issued with the M1940 Identification (ID) tags stock No. 74-T-60. These tags featured the distinctive notch cut out and were issued to personnel until 1964.

The information on the WW2 American Dog tags was stamped into the tags by a special machine, modern tags are embossed so they look different when printed. Modern ones look neater as they use machines similar to the way credit cards are embossed. We stamp our WW2 tags on an original US machine so you can have the correct look.


US WW2 Dog Tags Main Selction

US WW2 Dog Tags Serial Num Selction

Famous Peoples Dog Tags Back

ID Dog Tag information layout

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How to create your Army Serial Number

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Dog Tags of Famous Characters and People

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Our Dog Tag Machine

We stamp our WW2 tags on an original machine so you can be sure of the correct look.

US Dog Tag Stamping machine