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British Army Issue Desert Shemagh

British Army Issue Desert Shemagh head scarf.

Desert Tan colour. Large size 100 x 100 cms. Ex- Army grade 1 condition.

£6.66 EXC VAT

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British Army Issue Desert Shemagh head Scarf

  • Desert Tan colour
  • large size 100 x 100 cms
  • Ex- Army grade 1 condition

This is the classic head dress that was worn by the SAS special Air Service and LRDG Long Range desert Group when operating behind enemy lines.

There are many period photos of David Sterling SAS soldiers in the North African desert wearing shemagh's

The Shemagh could keep you cool in the hot sun, when a desert storm whipped up  it can cover your face to keep out sand and at night when the temperature drops it can keep you warm

See below for Agal headband which is not included

Material: 100% Cotton
Weight: 100 grams
Service: Army