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Gift Vouchers

Looking for a Birthday present or a Christmas present but do not know what to buy, then these Soldier of Fortune Gift Vouchers may be the answer.

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Altberg Military Army Cadet Brown Boots & Accessories

Alt-berg boots have been tried and tested in the most extreme Military environments in the world. Soldiers rely on there feet when on operation so get the best in footwear. We stock a large range of the highly popular Alt-berg boots including the brown desert microlite, brown sneeker and sneeker aqau, the very popular lightweight brown tabbing boots. We also have the wax and care kits you need to help maintain and protect the boots.

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  1. Altberg Desert Microlite Brown Suede Boots Defender Sole
  2. Altberg Sneeker Brown Boots Defender Sole


    Altberg Sneeker Brown Boots Defender Sole

    From £189.99 £158.32
  3. Altberg Jungle Microlite Brown Boots Defender Sole
  4. Alt-Berg Tabbing Boots MK3 Brown Defender Sole
  5. Altberg Bootcare Kit for MOD Black Leather Boots
  6. Altberg Suede and Nubuk Bootcare Kit
  7. Altberg Bootcare Kit for MOD Brown Leather Boots
  8. Altberg Leder Glos High Shine Brown 80g
  9. Altberg Sneeker AQUA MOD Brown Boots


    Altberg Sneeker AQUA MOD Brown Boots

    From £184.99 £154.16
  10. Altberg Brown Boot Laces 220cm 5mm. Pair
  11. Altberg Military Brown Boot Laces 220cm 3mm
  12. Altberg Leder Gris Wax Oil Paste Brown 100ml Out Of Stock
    Out of stock
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