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Enfield Accessories

Take a look at our selections of Lee Enfield weapons and accessories made by GSE and Kay Canvas as issued to troops during WW1 and WW2. Under the following section, you will find items such as cleaning kits, chargers clips and rifle bags specifically created for Lee Enfield guns, rifles and bayonets. These weapons include the No1 Enfield which dated back to WW1 but was still carried by many British Army BEF soldiers in France in 1939.

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  1. British WW2 1937 Spike & sten Webbing Frog Tan
  2. Original British Army Tan cotton bandolier
  3. Lee Enfield 1907 Bayonet Wood Grips
  4. British No 5 Mk2 Jungle Carbine Bayonet
  5. Original 1907 Lee Enfield Bayonet stamped Sanderson
  6. Original 1907 Lee Enfield & Lanchester Bayonet Naval issue
  7. No4 Mk2 Spike Bayonet with Mk1 Scabbard
  8. Leather scabbard for 1907 Lee Enfield bayonet
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