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US WW2 M1943 OD#7 Olive Drab Green Webbing

In 1943 the US Army introduced the darker green coloured webbing this new colour was officially called OD#7 (olive drab number 7). The M1943 or M43 webbing was introduced at the same time as the M1943 uniform and is often called M43 webbing/M44 webbing or M1943 webbing/M1944 webbing. From 1944 these new dark green colour started to be seen on the front lines. It is mainly seen and used in large quantities after the Normandy Invasion. It was more commonly seen being used in the battles for Holland, Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge (Bastogne) and Germany.

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  1. M1944 First aid pouch in OD7 Green by Kay Canvas fits the US Army WW2 First Aid dressing
  2. WW2 American Paratrooper Rigger Pouch Medium OD7 Green by Kay Canvas
  3. US WW2 Airborne Large Rigger Pouch OD7 Green by Kay Canvas
  4. M6 gas mask bag for the WW2 US Army Lightweight Service M4 gas mask OD7 Green by Kay Canvas
  5. M1944 M1 Ammunition GP Bag OD7 green US WW2 ammo bag by Kay Canvas
  6. US WW2 CS-156 Paratrooper radio bag Bag for the BC-611 handie talkie by Kay Canvas
  7. US Webbing M1923 Garand Cartridge Belt
  8. US BAR Belt 6 Pocket Ammunition Belt for the Browning Automatic Rifle in Green
  9. US Webbing M1923 Garand Cartridge Belt
  10. US Hand Axe Cover M1910 Original 1945
  11. US Hand Axe Cover M1910 Original 1951
  12. US Army WW2 M1944 Jungle Rucksack Green
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