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Zulu Wars Collection

Zulu Wars Collection
The mention of Zulu's and the Zulu wars instantly bring the images of the classic film "Zulu" (and not so classic "Zulu Dawn") with the sound of the red coated soldiers singing "Men of Harlech" to the Zulu warriors as they race towards the lines of the men of the 24th Foot, some wounded but all behind a wall of mealie bags. This song and the last defence of Rorke's Drift never fails to brings the hairs on the back of your neck to attention. The heroic battle of Rorke's Drift in the Natal where 150 British soldiers held out against 4000 Zulu warriors earned 11 V.C.'s (Victoria Crosses) in one day. Who can forget Private Henry Hook, Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead (played by Michael Cane, chin chin old boy) and Lieutenant John Chard (played by Stanley Baker) so many classic moments and lines. Here we have put together a collection of British Army uniforms from the Victorian era, the collection includes highly accurate reproduction red tunics with the correct trousers and leather anklet gaiters. The white 1871 valise webbing sets are include the basic pouches and are finished with a brass 24th Foot buckle. To finish the uniforms we have replica 24th Foot cap badges, 24th Foot cap badges for the pith helmet (or the 1877 foreign service helmet). If you really liked the film then what more could you ask for than a swagger stick with the 24th Foot badge on the handle, Sergeant Bourne would never be without his! Some of the items from this Zulu war film collection would make a fantastic talking piece when displayed at a show or in the hall of your house and to set it all off why not add a Zulu war shield and Zulu spear or a Zulu knobkerry. These pieces have been designed and made for the re-enactor and have been carefully researched, you will find other red tunics for sale from other stores but if you look carefully the details are wrong and on some the actually fit is not right either.

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  1. Zulu Iklwa Short Spear


    Zulu Iklwa Short Spear

    £49.99 £41.66
  2. 24th foot Swagger Stick, Sgt Bourne in Zulu War film
  3. 24th foot Infantry Glengarry (Anglo Zulu war 1879)
  4. Victorian Black Leather Leggings


    Victorian Black Leather Leggings

    From £49.99 £41.66
  5. 1871 British Oliver Water Bottle (Anglo Zulu War 1879)
  6. Zulu Umbhumbulosu Shield


    Zulu Umbhumbulosu Shield

    £79.99 £66.66
  7. Zulu Wood Knobkerry


    Zulu Wood Knobkerry

    £39.99 £33.32
  8. 24th foot Blue Serge Other Ranks Trousers (Anglo-Zulu war 1879)
  9. 24th Foot Other Ranks Red Foreign Service Tunic (Anglo-Zulu War 1879)
  10. M1853/72 Socket Bayonet for Martini Henry
  11. Victorian Brass GS Button Large
  12. Victorian Brass GS Button Medium
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