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Robert Lubstein EREL Hats

EREL in Berlin have been making headwear in Germany for a very long time and where in fact a military contractor in WW2 for the German military. They are still making hats today, so if you want the best, most authentic replica German cap you will not get a better reproduction. Due to German laws they are made with no badges on them, so we fix the best quality badges (the metal badges are European made, not cheap Pakistan ones) on to them here in the UK using our expert tailors to give you the best reproduction WW2 German hat you can get. The EREL range of caps include Officer Visor caps, NCO Visor caps, Crusher caps, M38 field caps, M40 field caps, M43 field caps and even the mountain Bergmutze cap. We have the hats for Luftwaffe, Heer and Waffen SS.

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  1. M43 German Army Field Cap Late War with Bevo Badge By EREL
  2. Waffen SS Crusher Cap Tricot Fabric White Infantry Piping by EREL
  3. German Luftwaffe Bergmutze Mountain Cap by EREL
  4. WW2 Heer Panzer Officers Crusher Cap by EREL Cloth Peak
  5. WW2 Heer Feldgendarmerie Officers Visor Cap by EREL Metal Eagle Out Of Stock
    Out of stock
  6. Officers Luftwaffe Tropical Field Service Cap by EREL Out Of Stock
    Out of stock
  7. German Luftwaffe Tropical Field Service Cap Mans by EREL Out Of Stock
    Out of stock
  8. German Army DAK Tropical Field Service Cap Mans with Infantry piping by EREL Out Of Stock
    Out of stock
  9. German WW2 M43 Panzer Cap Army Officer by EREL
  10. Enlisted Mans Panzer Waffen SS M43 Cap with Badges and 1 Button on the front by EREL
  11. 2 Button Waffen SS M43 Field Cap With Eagle on the Side by EREL
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