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Looking for a Birthday present or a Christmas present but do not know what to buy, then these Soldier of Fortune Gift Vouchers may be the answer.

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German WW1 clothing, equipment and insignia.

We have a large range of WW1 German reproduction clothing, insignia and equipment for sale. Top quality replicas from Richard Underwood Militaria and more price competitive German WW1 uniforms from FAB. For sale Imperial Germany M1910 Wool tunics and trousers, Imperial M1915 (M15) Great coats and uniforms. Here you can buy a complete WW1 Imperial German Prussian uniform including boots, helmets, clothing, webbing and insignia everything you need we even have Imperial gas masks.


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  1. Luger P08 Artillery Holster Set Dark Brown
  2. German Imperial M98/05 "Butcher" bayonet, Deutsche Maschinenfabrik AG , Duisburg 1917
  3. Baden Mutze Cockade Set. 1 x Red/ Black, White/ Red.
  4. M1895 Mans Pickelhaube Natural Calico Cover by RUM
  5. 4" Ribbon for WW1 Imperial Iron Cross 2nd Class Non Combatants
  6. M1874/98 German Shovel/Entrenching Tool Cover Black by FAB
  7. German WW1 G98 Mauser Butcher Webbing Frog Brown
  8. German WW1 G98 Mauser Butcher Webbing Frog Black
  9. WW1 Northern German Confederation & The German Empire (1866-1918) 2x3ft Flag
  10. M1874/98 German Shovel Entrenching Tool Cover dark brown
  11. German WWI M1916 Luger Snail Drum Carrier
  12. WW1 German Prussian M1917 Mutze with Cap Badges by RUM
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