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Dunkirk Film Props

We have been luckily enough to purchase a large amount of webbing that was used in the 2017 film "Dunkirk". Some of the webbing is what we supplied but most of it was specilaly made for the film by a company in Hollywood. Some of the webbing items where never used as they purchased too many of some items the rest has been blancoed and made into sets. The sets have not been touched since the film ended so are the same layouts as they used in the Dunkirk film.

12 Items

Set Ascending Direction
  1. 1937 webbing set with MK1 Replica Ammo pouches and Long Belt used in "Dunkirk Film"
  2. 1937 webbing Belt (Long) made for "Dunkirk" Film
  3. 1937 Webbing L Straps Made for "Dunkirk" Film
  4. 1937 webbing Shoulder Cross Straps made for "Dunkirk" Film
  5. 1937 Webbing Belt (Medium) made for "Dunkirk" Film
  6. 1937 Battle Webbing set from Dunkirk Film. Long Length
  7. 1937 Webbing set from " Dunkirk" Film with Original Ammo Pouches & Replica Belt Medium
  8. 1937 Webbing set from "Dunkirk" Film with Original Ammo Pouches & Replica  Belt  Long
  9. 1937 Webbing Set from "Dunkirk" Film Replica Ammo Pouches & replica belt Medium
  10. 1937 Webbing Entrenching Tool Carrier made for the film Dunkirk
  11. 1937 Webbing MK1 Water Bottle Carrier made for "Dunkirk" film
  12. British 1937 Webbing Lee Enfield 1907 Frog made for "Dunkirk" Film
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