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Looking for a Birthday present or a Christmas present but do not know what to buy, then these Soldier of Fortune Gift Vouchers may be the answer.

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Replica Airsoft Guns

A selection of replica airsoft guns and rifles including the popular M16 M4 platform series and the AK range. We also have the vintage guns like the M1A1 Thompson and the M16A1 for themed events (G and G, Magpul Masada, G and P, ASG and Marui). For your secondary back up airsoft weapon we have a range of gas blowback pistols from WW2 M1911 Colt 45's to latest pistols on the market. We also stock the standard and hi-cap magazines for most Airsoft rifles and pistols, from standard factory magazines by G and G to advanced Magpul PTS magazines, ranger plates and Magpuls.

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  1. 12g CO2 Cartridge x 5


    12g CO2 Cartridge x 5

    £4.99 £4.16
  2. 101 inc 6mm 0.25gram Extreme BB's
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