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Airborne Clothing and Equipment

The US Airborne in WW2 was issued with a lot of special equipment that was used by the Paratroopers of the 17th, 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions. The American para in WW2 jumped behind enemy lines loaded down with gear to fulfil they missions in places like Normandy and Holland. Films and TV shows like Band of Brothers and The Longest Day have made the 101st Airborne and the 82nd Airborne Divisions famous. We have all the US Airborne kit you need for sale including: Corcoran Jump boots, M1C para helmets, M5 gas mask bags, M42 jump airborne uniforms, M43 para trouser, drop down ropes and M2 knives. See the insignia sections for more Airborne gear.

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  1. WW2 101st Airborne Replica 506th Para Helmet with net and scrim Out Of Stock
    Out of stock
  2. US D-Day Paratroopers Escape Map Zones of France Silk Style Map
  3. D-Day 80 1944-2024 Operation Overlord Baseball Cap Green
  4. M1A1 Carbine Paratrooper leg pouch with 2 added magazine Pouches on the front
  5. Model 1942 Unlined Riding Gloves US Paratrooper Glove with No Buckle
  6. US WW2 Paratrooper Jump Boots Brown by Rothco
  7. Childrens Parachute Infantry Garrison Cap Badged by Kay Canvas 6 3/4
  8. US WW2 4 Pocket A Class Service Tunic Enlisted Mans 2020 Production
  9. Childrens Infantry Garrison Cap OD. US Overseas cap by Kay Canvas 6 3/4
  10. WW2 82nd Airborne 505th PIR Badge Set For Enlisted Mans Service Dress Uniform
  11. 101st Airborne 506th PIR A Class Badge Set For Enlisted Mans Dress Uniform
  12. US WW2 Paratrooper Jump Wings badge with Early War Pin Back Fitting
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