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Looking for a Birthday present or a Christmas present but do not know what to buy, then these Soldier of Fortune Gift Vouchers may be the answer.

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RAF Rank, Awards, Arm Eagles, Collar Badges British WW2 Royal Air Force

Below is our selection of WW2 Reproduction RAF wings and insignia. World War Two trade wings were worn on the left breast of designated specialist trades including Navigators, Wireless / Air Gunners and Bombardier. We have a huge selection of RAF Insignia in the form or badges, medals, wings, slides, ribbon bars and armbands available to purchase.

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  1. RAF Flight Engineer Half Brevet with medal box and good luck badge
  2. RAF Auxiliary LAC Signallers badge set 1939-1945
  3. RAF Regiment Corporal Badge Set


    RAF Regiment Corporal Badge Set

    £26.97 £22.46
  4. RAF Sergeant Air Gunners badge set 1939-1945
  5. RAF Canadian Sergeant Pilot's Badge set
  6. RAF Sergeant Pilots badge set 1939-1945
  7. RAF Flight Sergeant Rank with Brass crowns
  8. RAF Medical Collar Badges


    RAF Medical Collar Badges

    £14.99 £12.49
  9. WW2 Royal Navy and RAF Atlantic Trio Ribbon Bar Set
  10. WW2 RAF 4 Bar Medal Ribbon Set
  11. Gibraltar RAF Sleeve Eagles


    Gibraltar RAF Sleeve Eagles

    £9.99 £8.32
  12. Malta RAF Sleeve Eagles


    Malta RAF Sleeve Eagles

    £9.99 £8.32
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