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France Insignia

Browse our collection of WW2 French insignia used by the armed forces in World War Two, including French Resistance armbands, shoulder titles, cap badges and Free French Forces insignia worn by the government-in-exile led by Charles de Gaulle that continued to fight against the Axis powers after the fall of France.

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  1. French FNFL Commando Sleeve Patch
  2. 4th French SAS regiment ( 2nd RCP) shoulder titles
  3. Free French Metal Para Wings


    Free French Metal Para Wings

    £12.00 £10.00
  4. Free French Resistance FFI Tricolour Armband
  5. 4th SAS (French 2nd RCP)  Shoulder Titles.
  6. 3rd SAS( French ) Shoulder Titles
  7. No. 10 (Inter Allied) Commando Shoulder Titles
  8. French Cross of Lorraine sleeve patch
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