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Gift Vouchers

Looking for a Birthday present or a Christmas present but do not know what to buy, then these Soldier of Fortune Gift Vouchers may be the answer.

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  1. US Army Casualty Bag Human Remains Bag 2
  2. M25A1 Mask Protective Tank. Tank Crew Gas Mask
  3. MT -1029 Military Radio Mount


    MT -1029 Military Radio Mount

    £270.00 £225.00
  4. Navy Blue US Army style trouser belt with brass buckle
  5. US Army Air Mattress No Markings
  6. Replacement US Dog Tag Chain set. Ball Chain No Discs
  7. M17A2 Gas mask 1985


    M17A2 Gas mask 1985

    £90.00 £75.00
  8. M17A1 Gas mask and bag in Issue Box
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