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Looking for a Birthday present or a Christmas present but do not know what to buy, then these Soldier of Fortune Gift Vouchers may be the answer.

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British Army Officer and RAF Officer

WW2 British Army Officer's uniforms and British WW2 Officer's R.A.F. uniforms. We have for sale quality replica 1940's pattern Royal Air Force (RAF) officers dress tunics and trouser so you can look like an accurate Battle of Britain Pilot, these are high quality film replicas and not the cheap looking fancy dress uniforms. For the British Army SD dress uniform we have Officers insignia including Generals rank. We have a range of accessories to finish of the correct look for your British Army officer impression including brown leather officer gloves, leather-covered swagger sticks, Officer peak caps and complete leather Sam Brown belt equipment.

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  1. David Sterling SAS Rogue Hero's British Army Officers SD Peaked Cap
  2.  The Metropolitan Bright Nickel Whistle Original
  3.  "J Hudson & Co"  Metropolitan Dull Nickel Whistle Original
  4.  "J Hudson & Co"  Metropolitan Bright Nickel Whistle Original
  5. RAF Flt Lt Navigator Walking Out Dress 1942-1945
  6. Royal Navy Captains Peak Cap


    Royal Navy Captains Peak Cap

    From £59.99 £49.99
  7. General Montgomery's 1942-44 Black Beret and Badges Out Of Stock
    Out of stock
  8. 1937 Webley MKVI .455  Holster Web Set
  9. RAF Officers Battle of Britain Fighter Pilot
  10. RAF Officers Battle of Britain Volunteer Reserve Uniform
  11. Field Marshalls Bullion SD Cap and Beret Badge
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