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SAS pattern parachute wings, designed by Lieutenant Jock Lewes and based on the stylised sacred Ibis wings of Isis of Egyptian iconography depicted in the décor of Shepheard's Hotel in Cairo, are worn on the right shoulder. During the second world war, after a qualifying number of active service "jumps", the insignia was worn on the left breast above medal ribbons. Soldier of Fortune have a detailed collection of SAS insignia available to purchase.

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Set Ascending Direction
  1. Rhodesia " B Sqn LRDG" Slip Ons shoulder Titles
  2. 4th French SAS regiment ( 2nd RCP) shoulder titles
  3. 2nd SAS Shoulder Titles (Special Air Service)
  4. New Zealand ( A Squadron LRDG) Slip On titles
  5. LRDG ( long Range desert Group) Slip ons
  6. P.P.A, 1st Demolition Squadron (Popski's Private Army) Slip ons
  7. 4th SAS (French 2nd RCP)  Shoulder Titles.
  8. Special Air Service SAS Brass cap badge
  9. Jedburghs Special Forces wings
  10. WW2 SAS Cloth Beret & SD Cap Badge
  11. 3rd SAS( French ) Shoulder Titles
  12. WW2 SAS Special Air Service Parachute Wings
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