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Freqently Asked Questions

Welcome to Soldier of Fortunes Frequently asked questions page. Here you will find answers to most question you have. If you cannot find an answer to your question then contact us and we will be happy to help.

Replica guns

We can only ship them to a UK address via courier (excluding the Isle of Man, Isle of Scilly and the Channel Islands which we cannot ship to because of flight restrictions). Sorry we cannot send them outside of the U.K.

Unfortunately no, under the current UK law you would still need to be a member of a re-enactment group or ones of the other permitted organisations.

There are two types of replica guns, realistic replicas (these are full size replcas in the proper colours) and non-realistic replicas (these are bright coloured replicas orange or blue).

The realistic replicas can only be purchased for the following:

  • Museum or gallery
  • Theatrical performances
  • Films and television programmes
  • Historical re-enactments events
  • Members of re-enactment or military vehicle groups
  • Crown servants for the purpose of employment

We must obtain proof that you fall into one of these groups before we can send your order. Acceptable proof would be;

  • A letter from the museum or theatre company
  • A letter from the commissioning film/TV company
  • A copy of your re-enactment/military vehicle membership card and relevant insurance certificate
  • Proof of requirement for use in conjunction with employment (Crown Servant) e.g. Letter from commanding officer/manager confirming the use is for the purposes of employment such as training


Yes we ship to the USA and world wide. You can see the shipping price by adding the items you require to the shopping basket and then ckick proceed to checkout. Simply fill in your shipping addres in full, the web site will then show you the shipping options with the prices. This is before you are asked for your payment details so you can check the shipping costs easily.

Please note you will not pay the UK tax, so you will be charged the excl. VAT price, you will need to pay your own countries tax on arrival.

Orders placed on a next day delivery option and placed before 3pm will be despatched that day. We try to despatch all other orders within 3 working days.