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Looking for a Birthday present or a Christmas present but do not know what to buy, then these Soldier of Fortune Gift Vouchers may be the answer.

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British WW2 footwear for re-enactment, 1940's dances, film, TV and theatre productions. We have everything here for the complete impression look, from khaki longe socks, gaiters and Scottish canvas spats to black parade shoes, DMS boots, WW2 ammo boots and desert ankle boots. Complete the WWII British impression for B.E.F., Home Guard, RAF Pilot, Army Officer, Paratrooper, Tank crew and Infantry. High quality at the best price. Get a great deal on WW2 footwear now.

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  1. RAF 1936 Pattern Leather Flying Boots


    RAF 1936 Pattern Leather Flying Boots

    From £175.00 £145.83
  2. British Long KD Socks


    British Long KD Socks

    From £14.99 £12.49
  3. Dispatch Rider DR Boots


    Dispatch Rider DR Boots

    From £149.99 £124.99
  4. Highlander Military Combat Socks Green
  5. Scottish Canvas Spats khaki


    Scottish Canvas Spats khaki

    From £29.99 £24.99
  6. Mens Black Service Shoes


    Mens Black Service Shoes

    From £29.99 £24.99
  7. 1937 BEF Canvas Gaiters by Kay Canvas


    1937 BEF Canvas Gaiters by Kay Canvas

    From £29.99 £24.99
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