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Looking for a Birthday present or a Christmas present but do not know what to buy, then these Soldier of Fortune Gift Vouchers may be the answer.

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Richard Underwood Militaria

Richard Underwood Militaria is a specialist in German re-enactment, Richard has always been enthusiastic about WWII German uniforms and equipment and is a collector and a re-enactor. What started out as a passion for collecting and a hobby turned into a full-time business back in 1985. R.U.M. uniforms and equipment is used by major UK re-enactor groups and has also provided equipment and advice for film, theatres and museums. The first major production that R.U,M. was involved was Saving Private Ryan since then R.U.M. equipment has been used in the acclaimed TV drama series Band of Brothers, Captain Correlis Mandolin, Hannibal Rising, Atonement, Valkyrie, Outpost, Inglorious Bastards and Fury. S.O.F. is proud to be able to offer this fantastic range to our customers.

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  1. M36 Breast Eagle Badge in BeVo the M36 Tunic by RUM
  2. Luftwaffe and Heer Long Service Medal 4 Years No Crest
  3. German Army Panzer 1 Piece Cap Badge BeVo by RUM
  4. Army General's Heer Cap Badge Set Eagle Wreath and Cockade by RUM
  5. WW2 German M43 Army Field Cap with BeVo insignia by RUM
  6. German Army 1 Piece Trapezoid BeVo Cap Badge for The M43 Cap by RUM
  7. WW2 Luftwaffe M40 Cap Blue Wool Side Cap with Badges by RUM
  8. Luftwaffe Field Division Jacket Splinter B Camouflage by RUM
  9. 2 Button Waffen SS M43 Field Cap With Eagle on the Side by RUM
  10. Luftwaffe Officers Breast Eagle by RUM
  11. Army General's Metal Cap Badge Eagle by Richard Underwood Militaria
  12. Luftwaffe Feldjagerkorps Police Gorget by RUM
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