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GSE General Service Equipment

GSE General Service Equipment

About the Brand

General service Equipment (GSE) manufacture a range of equipment for the British WW2 re-enactor which will see the user through many years of service on and off the re-enactment battlefield. The design and manufacture of GSE equipment is based on original items giving the wearer an accurate portrayal of the era at a great value for money price point

Best Selling GSE General Service Equipment Products

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  1. WW2 1944 Pattern British Commando Bergen Green
  2. RAF Air Gunners Walking Out Uniform England 1942-45
  3. RAF Flt Lt Navigator NW Europe Lancaster Bomber Flight Crew
  4. Le Regiment De La Chaudiere Normandy Badge Set
  5. 1937 MK1 Entrenching tool Shovel cover Khaki by GSE
  6. 1937 Webley MKIV .38  Pistol Webbing set WW2 British Army by GSE
  7. Large pack with helmet straps and attachment buckles by GSE
  8. 1/4th Kings Own Yorkshire LI, 146th Infantry Brigade, 49th Div Normandy Badge set
  9. 1937 MK1 Entrenching Tool Cover Khaki Head and MK1 Handle by GSE
  10. Home Guard Marching Order webbing Set
  11. El Alamein Desert Rats Tank Crewman 1942


    El Alamein Desert Rats Tank Crewman 1942

    From £169.95 £141.62

  12. British WW2 Paratrooper Full Uniform Set


    British WW2 Paratrooper Full Uniform Set

    From £663.91 £553.24

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