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British WW2 B.E.F. Solider

British WW2 B.E.F. Solider

 The B.E.F. soldier of 1939 was equipped with: the new 1937 battledress clothing; the 1937 full marching order webbing; the MK1 helmet and the box respirator.

BEF Tommy Load Out Single

The BEF Tommy soldier is equipped with the following:


MK1 B.E.F. Helmet

1937 Battle Dress Jacket

Gas Brassard

Denix No.1 Enfield

B.E.F. Water Bottle Carrier

1937 Battle Dress Trouser

MKV Gas Mask Bag

1937 B.E.F. Web Set

1937 Large Pack

B.E.F. Shovel Cover

B.E.F. Shovel

B.E.F. Gaiters

Ammo Boots

BEF Tommy Load Out Multi