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Films we supplied gear to in 2001 and before

Films we supplied gear to in 2001 and before

We started spplying films way back in the 1990's, here are some films that you may have seen.

Saving Private Ryan     Enemy at the Gates Film Poster Tomb Raider 2001 Harry Potter & the Philosopher

Saving Private Ryan 1998. 

We stamped and supplied all the US dog tags plus various American and German clothing, equipment an insignia.

Enemy at the Gates 2001

Russain Putties 2001

Tomb Raider 2001

Tiger Stripe uniforms.

Harry Potter 2001

Water proof socks for film crew.

Band of Brothers 2001

Various US and German equipment, insignia and uniforms.

Band of Brothers

We can supply uniforms, webbing, equipment and insignai for your theatre production, TV show or film, just give us a call to see what we can do for you.