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Films we supplied gear to in 2010

Films we supplied gear to in 2010

In 2010 we not only supplied a few films with uniforms but we also helped out the release parties of the Pacific TV production and the Call of Duty computer game.

The release parties were exciting and something a bit different, the UK release of the huge mini sereis of The Pacific meant a party for TV critics and VIP's and they needed a goodie bag so we helped supply the bag and some other WW2 themed items to go inside.

For the release party for the game Call of duty black ops, the organises wanted extras dressed in combats so we supplied them with Tiger stripe combats.

Battle Of Arnhem - Tour of Duty The Pacific Cll of Duty Black Ops Buffalo Soldiers Film Poster

Battle of Arnhem Tour of Duty 2010.

This was a UK TV show for Channel 5. It took 10 teenagers and put them through 1940's army training to see how they would survive. The teenagers and all the training staff were wearing WW2 uniforms and equipment which we supplied.

The Pacific UK release party 2010.

For the UK realese of the Pacific they held a preview and a party for TV critics and they wanted party bags to give away to everyone, which we supplied.

Call of Duty Black Ops UK release party 2010.

Another UK release party, this time for the Call of Duty Black ops game, we suppied the Tiger stripe uniforms worn by actors to help set the atmosphere. 

Buffalo Soldiers 2010.

We supplied the badges for this modern day US Army film.

We can supply uniforms, webbing, equipment and insignai for your theatre production, TV show or film, just give us a call to see what we can do for you.