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Films we supplied gear to in 2011

Films we supplied gear to in 2011

These are some of the films and theatre productions we supplied in 2011.

Captain America war horse poster b Miss Saigon war horse theater poster

Captain America 2011.

The film that introduced the latest Captain America to the world. We supplied various US WW2 uniforms including un-reinforced M42 paratrooper trousers.

War Horse film 2011.

Various equipment including British Army WW1 mess tins.

Miss Saigon Theatre prodution 2011.

We supplied the Beatrix theatre in Holland with Vietnam US uniforms and boots for there production of Miss Saigon.

War Horse Theatre production 2011.

The theatre production at the National Theatre were we supplied various Britih and German uniforms throughout the production.

We can supply uniforms, webbing, equipment and insignai for your theatre production, TV show or film, just give us a call to see what we can do for you.