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Supplying The BBC's SAS Rogue Heroes TV Series

News 12 December 2022
Supplying The BBC's SAS Rogue Heroes TV Series

Here at Soldier of Fortune we occasionally get requests to supply the odd Hollywood movie or big budget TV show. In previous years we have supplied the Oscar winning production 1917 as well as blockbusters Fury featuring Brad Pitt and Overlord, a horror set during World War II.

In Early November 2020 we were approached by Kudos Pictures who were beginning work on the production of a new BBC TV Series that would tell the story of the SAS in World War II. This gained our interest immediately. After a number of conversations, with Kudos Pictures, we were on our way to supply period clothing and equipment to one of the BBC's main winter 2022 productions.

Entitled SAS Rogue Heroes the show was due to be broadcast during one of the BBC’s most watched time slots, on BBC One at 9pm on Sunday evenings.

From the creators of Peaky Blinders, SAS Rogue Heroes was scheduled for 6 episodes and would tell the story surrounding the origin of the brave and often reckless Special Forces unit. 

The show is based on a true story as told in Ben MacIntyre’s book “SAS Rogue Heroes”. Featuring household names Connor Swindells, Alfie Allen, Jack O’Connell and Dominic West. The show's star studded cast would bring the heroic actions of David Stirling, Paddy Mayne and Jock Lewes to the small screen.

Over the course of the six months of filming Soldier of Fortune supplied 100s of items for the production ranging from Dust Goggles and Replica Knives to Jackets, Caps and even socks.

When you watch the show (it's a must watch so why wouldn’t you!?) one of the first things on screen are the British Dispatch Riders & Jeep Driver Dust Goggles worn by the passenger in David Stirling (Connor Swindells’) truck. The goggles were issued to Motorised British Army soldiers in World War II such as Motorbike Dispatch riders, Tank crews and Jeep drivers. As most of the series is set within the deserts of North Africa the goggles feature quite frequently. You can see them below as worn by Swindells in this promotional shot for the series.

Possibly our favourite item that we provided were the stamped British Dog Tags. While we provided hundreds of these for the production, two in particular stand out. These were the Dog Tags created for Stirling and Mayne, pictured below along with some other pieces we provided for the production.

Dog Tags

Also pictured above is the Khaki Drill KD Airtex Shirt which features heavily on the show. The Shirt was worn by all ranks in North Africa and as such can be seen regularly worn by the main actors throughout.

Some of the more unique items supplied were the RAF 1933 Flying Gauntlets which although primarily associated with Pilots were seen within the show being worn in the desert by some of the SAS members. The RAF 1933 model Gauntlets were issued to all aircrew in Fighter and Bomber command to keep their hands warm and offer some protection. The Gauntlets are made of a soft chestnut brown leather with a light fleece lining. The Gauntlets were highly prized and well guarded by the pilots as theft of these was very common by ground crew and army paratroopers, perhaps how they end up in the hands of the Rogue Heroes.

Flight Gauntlets

A favourite with our Soldier of Fortune customer’s and one of our better sellers the British Leather Jerkin made an appearance on the show. The Jerkin was issued during World War II and used by all armed services including Dispatch Riders, Royal Artillery and Infantry.

Helping to complete the look for the main characters we supplied the British Army Commando Cap and the British Woollen Balaclava Helmet. Both were especially useful for the SAS in the desert when the temperature dropped or when they had to carry out a daring nighttime raid.

We always get a thrill from seeing pieces we have supplied pop up on screen or in the theatre. Knowing we have been a part of bringing these great stories to life gives us a sense of pride in what we do and the products that we sell. SAS Rogue Heroes has been a fantastic production and a great TV Series, we have thoroughly enjoyed our small part in it. 

We are looking forward to the next opportunity to supply equipment, replica uniforms or whatever it may be to the next hit TV show or big budget Hollywood movie. Should you or your production company be interested in discussing how we might help you please get in touch here.