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US M43 Winter 44/45 Uniform

US M43 Winter 44/45 Uniform

Uniform guide for the US M43 uniform for the Winter of 1944/1945. This is the type of unifrom worn during the Bastogne, battle of the bulge.

US WW2 Infantry 44/45 01

An Infantry soldier in the winter of 44/45 would have:


M1 Converted Helmet

M1941 Jeep Cap

5 Button Jumper

M43 Jacket

US M1937 Enlisted Mans shirt

Infantry Webbing Set

Garand Bayonet

M1923 Garand Belt

First Aid Pouch M1942

M1910 Water Bottle Set

M1928 Doughboy Pack

Garand Replica Rifle

ICS M1 Garand Real Wood Full Metal AEG

M1 Garand Sling. Leather

M1937 Wool Trousers

M43 Buckle Boots

US WW2 Infantry 44/45 02