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NSDAP Long Service Medal 10 Year

German WW2 long service medal for the NSDAP.

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German WW2 long service medal for the NSDAP.

Metal medal in bronze colour with ribbon which is brown with white stripes.

The medal is a cross design with an eagle on the front and the words "Treue für Führer und Volk" which translates to "Loyalty to Leader and People".

The medal was awarded to male and female members of the NSDAP and was first awarded on 30 January 1940 for 10 years service.

Service could be in any party or formation and service between 1925 to 1933 counted as double.

Brand: Richard Underwood Militaria R.U.M.
Weight: 20 grams
Service: Civilian
Insignia Type: Medal
Insignia Use: Dress