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Fury film collection

Fury film collection
Here we have clothing and equipment that has been inspired by the film Fury. We also have replica WW2 clothing that was the same as used in world war two and the Brad Pitt film like the 1st pattern Tankers jacket. We also have some film props that where used in the Fury film.

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  1. M1938 WW2 US M38 Tankers Helmet by CS
  2. Rubber M1 Thompson Film Prop From Fury Film
  3. US WW2 Army Cereal Rations Film Prop from the Fury Film
  4. Fury First Sgt Don" Wardaddy" Collier Basic Uniform Set
  5. First Sgt Don "Wardaddy" Collier Fury Combat Uniform Set Out Of Stock


    First Sgt Don "Wardaddy" Collier Fury Combat Uniform Set

    From £438.92 £365.74 Was £483.92

    Out of stock
  6. Rubber M1 Carbine Film Prop From Fury Film
  7. Replica M1 Garand Film Prop From Fury Film
  8. Rubber K98 Rifle Film Prop From Fury Film
  9. Lined Para Gloves Leather Mounted Airborne Fury Gloves
  10. 2nd Armoured Division badge as supplied to Fury film
  11. 30th Infantry Division Fury Film XXX Division Patch with FDR
  12. Fury 1st Pattern Tankers Jacket Badged as Brad Pitt's
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