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Looking for a Birthday present or a Christmas present but do not know what to buy, then these Soldier of Fortune Gift Vouchers may be the answer.

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Military Inspired Fashion Items

Military Inspired Fashion Items
A range of items that are not actual re-enactment gear but they will interest anybody with an interest in the military world. Here we have put a collection of fashionable items with military units badges on them or are military inspired. We have baseball hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, bags, key rings, badges all sorts of things that you can wear day to day or down to the pub.

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  1. USN N1 Deck Jacket Navy Blue


    USN N1 Deck Jacket Navy Blue

    From £99.99 £83.32
  2. US Navy N1 Deck Jacket Olive


    US Navy N1 Deck Jacket Olive

    From £99.99 £83.32
  3. USAAF Air Force Tee shirt White PT T-shirt from the PX
  4. US Army Tank Corps T-Shirt White PT T-Shirt from the PX
  5. 68th Tank Batallion T-Shirt White PT Tee shirt from the PX
  6. Santa Barbara Surf Shop T-Shirt. LT Col Kilgore in Apocalypse Now
  7. USS Enterprise Baseball Cap


    USS Enterprise Baseball Cap

    £14.99 £12.49
  8. USAAF Pilots wings dog tag key ring
  9. German wood stick grenade key ring
  10. WW2 D Day US Landing Units Baseball Cap
  11. US Airborne Baseball Cap


    US Airborne Baseball Cap

    £9.99 £8.32
  12. Follow Me Flight Tag Key Ring


    Follow Me Flight Tag Key Ring

    £2.99 £2.49
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