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Westworld TV Series Guns and Bits

Westworld TV Series Guns and Bits
If you love the TV series Westworld then why not get yourself a westworld looking gun. Here we have grouped together replica guns from our western range that are being used on the Westworld TV show. We have all the standard wild west guns seen in most western films including westworld like the 1866 Winchester carbine and Colt SAA (single action army) but we also have the le Mat pistol used by the man in black (Ed Harris) the one that has standard revolver bullets and then a shotgun shell in the middle which fires through a second barrel. This can be seen being loaded and fired by Ed Harris in episode 2 (series 1). Then there's the cut down Winchester used by Hector Escaton (played by Rodrigo Santoro). Restrictions do apply on the sale or replica guns, information can be found on each item page.

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  1. Model 1873 Winchester rifle with Ejecting Bullets by Denix Gun metal Grey
  2. Model 1873 Winchester rifle with 3 Ejecting Bullets by Denix Brass
  3. 5 1/2" SAA Artillery Replica Pistol Colt 45 Gunfighter Model Gun Metal by Denix
  4. Colt Single Action Army Cavalry Revolver 7" Revolver with engraving by Denix
  5. Model 1866 Carbine Winchester Rifle Denix Replica Gun Metal
  6. Leather Double Colt Cowboy Holster and Belt Rig Black
  7. 5 1/2" SAA Artillery Replica Pistol Colt 45 Gunfighter Model Black by Denix
  8. Colt Dragoon and Le Mat revolver pistol holster ACW style
  9. Cut Down Winchester 1892 Carbine Mares Leg Denix Replica
  10. 1851 Colt Navy Revolver Pistol by Denix
  11. Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver Denix Replica 1007G
  12. Wyatt Earp 1881 double barrel shotgun by Denix
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