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Para Cord

Para Cord
You can't go wrong with a piece of para cord, its an essential piece of kit in every survival kit. Para cord has many uses from emergency boot laces to lashes together anything from a raft to a shelter. The recent trend of making para cord into bracelets so you will always have a length of cord handy has now moved on. In this section we have a range of useful items that have been made with para cord so it is even easier to carry some para cord with you. These are perfect for your EDC (every day carry).

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  1. 550 Para Cord 15m of genuine made in the USA green parachute cord
  2. 550 Para Cord 15m length of made in the USA  black parachute cord
  3. Para Cord Watch Strap Bracelet Black Sale


    Para Cord Watch Strap Bracelet Black

    From £2.99 £2.49
  4. Emergency Para Cord & Compass Wrist Bracelet Green Sale
  5. Highlander Para Cord with Flint Bracelet Black
  6. Compass on a Para cord wrist band. Black
  7. Para cord wrist band. Black/Reflective
  8. Para cord survival wrist band. Green
  9. Para cord survival wrist band. Black
  10. 550 para cord. Olive Green 15 meters  50 ft
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